Friday, February 15, 2013

V Hating

Won't you be my Valentine?
 This is what Valentine's Day looks like at our house. For the record, I sort of hate Valentine's Day, and I go for the cards that feature kittens pouncing on something. Or ones that I make that don't include awful sappy messages that make me want to throw up a little bit. And this is as heart-filled our house gets. Plus our "dating anniversary" is two days before the 14th, so if we're going to celebrate anything, it's going to be that. (We've been together 11 years!)

Other than being a Val-Hater, things have been pretty quiet around here.

On another note, do you watch 20/20? (I know, sooo old, right?) But, OMG, hideously fascinating. Last week they showed x-rays of weird things people has swallowed or gotten stuck inside them somehow, like BUZZ LIGHTYEAR and BARBIE. (Whaaa....??? Howww...??? Wait, I don't want to know.) Right now, it's about the cruise ship that was stuck in the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently, a man way laying in bed and the ceiling collapsed on him from the weight of human excrement. O.M.G.

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