Monday, February 24, 2014


Let's catch up and talk about Sweetpea Studios ...

There have been some changes in how I'm working, as well as a whole bunch of new ideas that are being brought forth - I'm so excited I can barely think straight! (What I'm really meant to be doing is getting our apartment ready for a visit from a good friend and her newly walking baby. Bear in mind that we are two people who don't have children and really don't have any friends that live in the same country with children and therefore very little experience with this sort of thing. But we love Eleanor, and we love Eden, and we're thrilled she's coming to stay!)

Necklace Packaging
Earring Packaging

Ready to give as a gift!
I've re-done some of my packaging and also the packaging photos. The old photos had to go. Blech. Now comes the task of updating all of my nearly 100 Etsy listings. What a process!

Heart Shaped Flower Vines adjustable ring - acrylic on origami paper

Petite Amour collage necklace

There are new products, too! New necklaces and rings that feature miniature acrylic paintings and paper collages. What I love about doing the paintings is that I don't feel like I have to be a stellar painter - the images always look like what they're supposed to be, which amazes me every time I do one.

Included in the new products is a line of customizable heirloom jewelry - they're only just starting to appear in Sweetpea Studios, so we'll talk more about that later. They're already at Chemers Gallery, with pictures and information to follow. So stay tuned!

And, just like wearing the same hairstyle year after year, sometimes a girl just has to change things up with a re-vamp.

Remember this Etsy banner?

Now it looks like this:

It looks a little more consistent with this blog and the direction I'm going in. I was sad to take down my old banner, though, because the sweet pea drawing was one that James did at my request. (Plus it took me ages on Photoshop to get it the way I wanted...) But...change is good.

Another project I've been working on is a jewelry collaboration with ceramic artist, Lisa Mertins. She creates whimsical pendants made out of porcelain, and I create some of those acrylic paintings I mentioned. Together we make up Lisa & Jenn - you can find our jewelry at Chemers Gallery in Tustin. Here's a small sampling:

Available at Chemers Gallery
Also available at Chemers Gallery
Lisa is a lovely person who is just so creative. She's always coming up with funky ceramic vessels and birdhouses, and oh yeah, she does printmaking and also illustrates children's books - so stinkin' talented!

And the mailing list! I'm offering a mailing list!! (If you'd like to sign up, please email me at with the subject / message "I'm in!") I'd like to send out a monthly email with shop updates, new products, and a suggestion or two of an art exhibition or museum to visit. Unless it's something super-douper important/exciting, I won't deviate from the once-a-month email In fact, it will probably end up being less than monthly, because, you know, life. So come on, let's keep in touch! 

So, what do you think? Don't be shy - come find me on Etsy, Facebook, or email and share let's be friends!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Old West

Ever since a dinner we had with friends a few months ago during which the "101 in 1001" project was first discussed, James and I have been slooooowly working on lists of 101 things to do in 1001 days. (Since there are 2 of us, does that mean that collectively our lists are 202 in 2002?) I'll take a break from it for several weeks, and then inspiration will hit and I'll jot down a handful of things I'd like to do only to find upon revision of my entire list that I've already written those handful of things down. So far my list consists of things I've never done like "sew a dress" or "watch "The Goonies" (I know, I know, I've heard it before). I think James's list is mostly to do with things he sees on Huell Howser.

We had dinner with those same friends last week, and maybe because of that we decided to dig out the lists to find something to do on the following Sunday. We chose something from James's list, and drove to Agoura Hills to see the Paramount Ranch, a purpose built "movie ranch" in the Santa Monica mountains. The area has been used for filming movies and television shows starting in the late 1920's, and the "western town" is surrounded by hills and trails used to create movie locations from Africa to China. There's even an old racetrack that winds through the grasslands, closed after 18 months and 3 fatal crashes.

The Old West

Strange Facade


Medea Creek

More of Medea Creek
The western town was a little smaller than we expected, and there were more trails than we expected, so we weren't really prepared for treks through the woods. I expect we'll go back, this time with backpacks, water and sunblock and explore the trails that surround the "town." I'd love to see Hacienda Trails, Witches' Wood, and explore more of the old racetrack. I'd also love to go on horseback, like some of the visitors were doing that day. Guess that will be going on my 101 in 1001 list!