Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Swear I'm Not a Twi-Hard

James made a sudden trip home to see his family, and I'm here dealing with the damn ants that have decided to invade my bathroom and kitchen. I'm being suprisingly productive, although, sadly, not in a housekeeping kind of way. (Will I ever get a handle on all of the paper that covers our home? Or all of the art supplies??)

I'm focusing on the holidays right now. I've let some things go this year (like choir and handbells - it was time for a break), but life has thrown some other crap in the mix to deal with, which is just making me more determined to carry on and have as pleasant a holiday season as possible. So I'm getting a head start on our holiday cards, I'm considering an Advent calendar, and I've made a good start on my Christmas shopping. (My goal is to be done by the end of November. We'll see if I make it.)

I've wanted to get an awesome Advent calendar for years...
 I've also found a bridesmaid dress for my best friend's March wedding. Actually, I found two. She's a super easy-going bride and a bride after my own heart, telling us to just find a grey dress and yellow shoes. Easy, right? Sort of. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a grey dress that isn't encrusted in sequins (hooka-style) and doesn't look like a business suit?

Tried this one on. N.O.

Runner Up - It has pockets, y'all.
Do we have a winner? Minus the red tights/leggings?
Considering Carly caught a tiny glimpse of the last one through the bag and said "Oh my God, please wear that one, it's soooo pretty!!" I think that's the one I'll go with. Now, on to the yellow shoes!

One of the perks of being sans husband (not that there's many, I'm still a newlywed after 4 years, guys) is that I get to watch as many of the dumb Twilight movies as I want. And what's even better is the fact that I have a day off tomorrow and it won't matter that I'm watching 2 in a row...They are truly terrible and I can't wait to see the final one. I swear I'm not a Twi-Hard.

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