Sunday, September 2, 2012

What Happened??

Um...I woke up this morning and it was 11:30 (I would have slept longer, amazingly), and it's the second of September. What?? Where did summer go? (And why did I sleep so long??)

It's still super hot, seems like it will never cool off. It makes doing any semblence of artwork very difficult (for me, at least). This includes blogging. (Even now I'm having difficulty keeping my train of thought - I'm half listening to James speaking with a very dear friend who is due to have her first baby in just a few days. She's in London and we both miss her terribly.) So here are some pictures.

James's parents sent us a package containing a Diamond Jubilee pillow, which immediately went on the bed.

A friend took us to Chapter One, a literary-themed cafe/bar in Santa Ana. Nice wine.

To cool off, we went ice skating. I didn't fall - such a win!

Smoothing out the ice

We're doing very mundane things like going to the local post office
Neither of us has wanted to cook so we've been going out a lot. We tried a local Lazy Dog Cafe - yum.
Now I'm going to have my breakfast. At one in the afternoon. Yuck.

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