Monday, February 6, 2012

February Reading

I read a lot. Like, all the time. When I was growing up, my dad read to me every night, and I was encouraged to read if I were bored. So now, my apartment is filled with books, books, and more books. (I think they have babies while I sleep.) Among our six bookshelves in our one-bedroom apartment, I think my husband has 4 shelves and um, the rest are mine. Did I mention I read a lot?

I usually just re-read my books but lately I've been craving new thoughts and ideas. New books feel like such a treat to me! This is my February reading list and I might manage to squeeze another one in there. I don't really count the Nikon book as a through-and-through read, but it's something I'm going to try to go through. Gotta learn how to use my new camera! Boom!

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