Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Days of Bliss

Do you ever get those days where you're just so relaxed and refreshed and your mile-long to-do list is miles away from your mind? Yeah, they're pretty rare, aren't they? Today has definitely been one of those days, made even more ideal by this beautiful warm southern California weather we're having.

Fullerton Courtyard
Initially I thought it would been another of the endless catch-up days that my Wednesdays (or most days off) turn out to be, filled with grocery shopping, errands, scrounging up enough quarters to do the never-ending laundry. Instead, although the grocery shopping, some laundry, and a few errands did get completely, it turned out to be one of the most peaceful days James and I can remember having in months.
It started, as all good days do, at the DMV. (Do you sense the sarcasm here? Good.) In a few short weeks I will have a brand-spankin' new license, complete with my married name. It only took me just over 3 years to do that part. (Guess this means I'm officially married...) James kindly accompanied me to the DMV (because we seem to visit a lot of government buildings together - DMVs, social security offices, immigration offices...), and rather than go home once I'd done my paperwork, we just started driving.

Fullerton Train Station
And wound up in downtown Fullerton, a really quirky area with great restaraunts, bars, cafes and shops. With such a stunningly sunny, warm day, how could we resist a stroll and a bit of lunch?

Best discovery ever! James bought Branston pickle...

My Asian Chicken Salad - I know, it's really dumb to photograph the meal you're about to eat, but come on, it was sooo goooood!
 Rounded out the day with a bit of reading (finished "The Woman in Black"), a glass of wine in our tiny yard, and a good old nap on the sofa. Aaahhhh.....blissful.


  1. This looks like the loveliest day ever (and you two are quite possibly the happiest couple ever). :)

    On a side note, did you enjoy the book "The Woman in Black"? I loved the play when I saw it in London, but haven't seen the film yet, and haven't read the book.


    1. Becky, the book was really good. Just creepy enough to make me a bit uncomfortable. I'd love to see the play, the movie was too Hollywood and took away all the subtleties of how disturbing the story is.