Monday, October 21, 2013

Presenting: A Snapshot

Hooray! At long last, Domino is back in print! How did I find out about it? Good old Pinterest.
 Nothing too exciting going on around here lately. Unless you count the republication of Domino Magazine. (Why was it ever out of print in the first place??) Which I do. I got my copy the first day it was out. Thank goodness for Pinterest, otherwise I would have had no idea.

Train derailment by skeleton
James and I drove to Griffith Park to ride on a tiny train. Like, knees up to your chin tiny. And, being close to Halloween, the entire place was decorated to the theme of "spooky." Run entirely by volunteers, LA Live Steamers was definitely a guy's kind of place. Where else can you look at model trains and actually bring your own tiny train to ride around the tracks??

The larger train is what we rode on. The smaller ones were privately owned & operated. (Photo from Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum Archives)
 And then I had to go shoe shopping. Had to. For sparkly shoes, of course.

Shoes! Lovely shoes!
What have YOU been up to lately?

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