Saturday, June 1, 2013

Shrieking Spontaneously, or May Reading

I'm discovering the joys of living next door to a young child and becoming The Mean Lady (or worse). The first time I met my new, young neighbor, I threw open my front door to yell at him and his friends as they fought in our apartment complex common area, tearing up the brand new landscaping and careening into my front fence, nearly knocking it over. Just the sight of me now seems to be enough to get them to behave - they were outside my kitchen window tonight making fun of my music until I walked in front of the window and then -BAM- they were gone. I'm just waiting until the day I find something naughty written in the dust on my car...or they actually do succeed in knocking my fence over.

So I've been reading a lot this month. Or last month, as it is now June. Here's what's been on my list:

Frances and Bernard by Carlene Bauer

The Obituary Writer by Ann Hood

Fly Away by Kristin Hannah

Telling the Bees by Peggy Hesketh

Plus I read 2 more books but they were re-reads, and you don't need to know about them. We've already talked about it.

I'm going to my first concert since I was in high school to see what has become one of my very favorite bands. James and I have never been to a concert together, so I hope I can play it cool and not jump up and down and shriek and scream like a 15-year-old. There's really no guarantee though, I do tend to shriek spontaneously.

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