Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Jewelry Designs, Oh My!

There's an antique place I love to visit for one vendor only, and this vendor has not one, not two, but THREE boxes filled to the brim with old photographs. This vendor is smart, because there is even a folding chair provided so people can sit and sift through the images. I always come out with about 6 - 10 photos, and I always vow to do something with them, but I just don't have the heart to cut them up. So I've started scanning and printing them, and then I started to make jewelry with them.

In process

Explore photo collage necklace
Tell Him photo collage necklace

Adore photo collage necklace
I'm using decorative papers, digital reproductions of vintage photographs, tea-stained text, glitter, beads - you name it. After a few failed attempts, I'm really happy with the results. (You can see all of the jewelry I've been making HERE on my Etsy shop.)

I've also made a Facebook page for my Etsy shop, so don't be shy - Like Me On Facebook! Let's be friends!

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