Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Like "Saved By The Bell"

So...big month. Since we last spoke, I hit the big 3-0. To celebrate, James and I got sick, and last weekend when we were feeling a little better, we had a picnic with some friends in Fullerton. We brought a ton of food and some frisbees, and discovered just how unskilled we all are at both throwing and catching said frisbees.

Yummy mini cupcakes from Target

James and Chris picking dandelions with Charlie
 Then, for some good old-fashioned fun, some of us went on to play mini-golf. Here's a tip: bring a 6-year-old with you when you go, because he will hopefully stick his golf club up the nose of a giant statue and declare it to be the "most awesome booger touch ever."

This is Paul. If you look in the backround to the left, you can see the giant statue that provided the "most awesome booger touch ever."


James on one of the meanest holes ever

Not the greatest pic of me and Ryan, but whatevs, at least you can't see my grey hair

Boys returning to the castle
 Ryan, James and I played in the arcade, because my main goal was to play skeeball, and lots of it.

We combined our winnings to cash in on some of most radical prizes ever. It was just like Saved By The Bell.

How badical are these babies??
And finally, what southern California 30th b-day bash would be complete without a trip to In'n'Out??

Sorry In'n'Out peeps who were just going about their business...
We rounded out the day with wine on the sofa and Little Britain on the television, but there are no photos of that.

I'm being a total social butterfly these days. This weekend I'm at a bachellorette party and bridal shower for my BFF who's getting married in mere weeks - OMG!! Expect pictures. Or maybe not.

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