Saturday, March 16, 2013

It Just Ain't a Party Without a Pinata

Last weekend was pretty eventful, and I don't know if I've ever really caught up. Remember how I said it was my BFF's bachelorette par-tay and bridal shower and how there might be pictures? Well, this is it:

The bride hitting a pink crown pinata with her eyes closed on a basketball court at 10:30pm
Not pictured:
-Homemade pasta
-Nail painting
-Dance parties
-Cards Against Humanity
-The secret scrapbook tucked away in the bathroom that everyone took turns writing in
-Lots of air matresses

Also not pictured is the super-secret project I've been hiding from James for MONTHS. So super-secret that I haven't breathed a word about it on here...but I guess I can tell you guys in my next few posts. Here's a hint:

It's a hint, but you'll never guess, unless I've already told you.
Also, I will have a photograph in an upcoming exhibition at work. Hooray! More on that later...

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