Friday, October 19, 2012

Who is the Freak of Your Household?

Card Catalog - Goshen Public Library
Did you ever use a card catalog in your local library? I remember when our local library went digital - I was amazed that I could look up all sorts of books on the computer. Some were by author, some were by subject...ahhhmazing. But I did use the card catalog prior to that.

Apparently, I am the freak of our household. While watching The Big Bang Theory tonight (which is a lot funnier after a couple of glasses of wine, incedentally), I noticed there's a card catalog in the apartment. I told James that I want one in our home, if we ever move to a larger place. Not to locate books with, just to store stuff in. (Like wine bottles.) And we had a discussion about how I remember using one, and James does not.

Also, I used to go to my elementary school's library and re-organize the magazine racks. First alphabetically, then chronologically. This was while I was in grades 1 through 3, so ages like 5 to 8.

As I said, I am the freak of our household.

Which brings me to what I'm reading this month.

Such a great story. I read this on a looong car journey that I'll tell you more about later.

Usually I like twists at the end. I didn't like the twist at the end of this. I just felt like the whole book was nothing but twists, and I wanted it tied up nicely. Maybe I was just impatient.

Maybe I've just been out of it, but I'd never heard of this series until I saw a preview for Beautiful Creatures at the movies last weekend. I whipped out a pen and paper right in the middle of the preview to write down the name, looked it up on my phone after the movie (Pitch Perfect - way better than Bridesmaids), and bought the book that night. Yes.

I love Francesca Lia Block. I found this in my local B&N, and was SO EXCITED beause I haven't seen her books in bookstores in YEARS. I'm anxious to see how this one reads, I'm more of a fan of her older works.

I'm such a sucker for the books in the craft section. Especially ones that talk about inspiration. This one got me thinking that I might actually be able to impact the world one day. It made me think that the possibilities are endless. And that was just from flipping through it, who knows what will happen when I actually sit down to read it!
 Who's the freak of your household? If it's you, be proud, because there's nothin' wrong with that!

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