Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And I Came Home with 11 Bug Bites

My parents, James, and me
 My grandmother lives in Pennsylvania, in what I would call the middle of the woods. Those of you who live on the east coast would probably laugh at me, but whatevs. James, my parents, and I drove from Grand Island to Grandma's house and spent the rest of our vacation just relaxing. It was super hot and we sat around reading and visiting and drinking wine and eating. And, of course, I took pictures.

See? Woods.

Grandma's Garage. She didn't know what to make of some of the things I photographed.

More Woods
 We were there over the 4th of July, which hasn't happened in probably 20 years. The last time I was there for the 4th, I don't think my age was in double didgets yet. We bought a ton of sparklers then, and didn't use them all up. And Grandma kept them. And we dug them out this year and discovered that they're as good as new! So for this southern California girl who lives in an area where fireworks of any kind are illegal, I was THRILLED to be able to play with sparklers again! And, of course, I took pictures.

I snuck across the street to photograph the neighbor's display

James and I played with the camera and flashlights as the sun was going down.
So now we know. 20 year old sparkers work if you store them in plastic bags. Sweet!

I wish I'd been able to photograph the woods with all of the fireflies flitting here and there. I also wish we had fireflies here in southern California. Boo.

Sadly, all visits come to an end. It was wonderful to see family again - being on a different side of the country is hard, as I'm sure James knows as well. (He's in a whole other country, after all.) But we have to take the times we have with our families and appreciate them as something special. And you have to laugh together, even if it's at highly inappropriate jokes that your uncle and 15 year old cousin are telling you. Or at the cover art for your grandmother's current reading material:

It's a real Bible. It just has a motorcycle on the cover.
Me' n' Biker-Grandma


  1. What a brilliant cover for a bible! Also insect bites are the bane of my liiiiiiiiiiiife!

    1. They're horrid, aren't they? Of course the bug spray I brought with me went largely forgotten until I discovered giant welts all over my legs. :)