Monday, May 28, 2012

Weddings and Birthdays and Family Visits, Oh My!

Before I show rather than tell, I wanted to take a moment to show you...Cal!!

A friend got married in April at a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the hills. They had 1,000 paper cranes for 1,000 years of happiness and prosperity.


Family Photos

Umm, the cake had glitter. Just sayin'.

Beautiful, happy couple!
James' parents visited us, and we went aaallll over the southland.

Koi at Mission San Juan Capistrano


Can I have one in my living room?

Los Angeles

Financial District Art

The Toga Tour at the Getty Villa. Awesome.

I sorta want to jump in and swim laps...

Santiago Oaks

The Old Dam
 James turned 30 while his parents were visiting! Being me, I had to do something rediculous, like get a donkey pinata and sparklers in the shape of the number 30 to put on his cake. And get up at 6am to bake & ice said cake.

Cal & his new friend
Cake Sparklers
BTW, if you are considering using cake sparklers, I found that the "0" in mine didn't light. At all.

Finally, what says Mother's Day like WWII aircraft?

Lyon Air Museum

It was really great to see the B-17 because my grandfather flew in one during WWII. He was a rear gunner. We even got to go inside a B-17 that was in front of the air museum. Plus, my best friend texted me while we were there with a picture of her newly bejewelled left hand, so it was a great day all around!!

PS. Sorry for the image-heavy post. Well, not really. Sorry if you didn't enjoy it, hopefully you did. 

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