Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What are they deep-frying this year?

Baby Chickens

It's that time of year again, when Costa Mesa begins to smell of BBQ and weird deep-fried food, when carnival rides and funhouses are errected seemingly overnight, when we start to dream of cotton candy and Alaskan pig races and baby chickens and pies that are just right. You guessed it, it's time for the Orange County Fair!

Strange Dancing Animals
I've always loved the fair. When I was younger I loved going to look at the animals raised by the local 4H programs (okay, I still love doing that) and seeing what sorts of weird stuff people collected (still love doing that too). When I got to be a little older, like a teenager, I used to go with my friends to play carnival games and ride the rides. (Some boys always thought it was HILARIOUS to rock the cart of the Ferris wheel. NOT funny.) Now as a "grown up," I love to look at the artwork that local ametur and professional artists submit. I've even joined in the fun and submitted works myself!

The Greenhouse, copyright Jennifer Geisert
 This year my entry into the photography section is another TTV picture. It's the lovely greenhouse in Eleanor's back garden in north London with the late afternoon sun shining over the pond. Don't you just want to sit and rest here awhile?

I also entered these photos into the fair, but they weren't accepted. Oh well, there's always next year and other photo exhibitions!

Country Walk, copyright Jennifer Geisert

Stately, copyright Jennifer Geisert
What do you like about your local county fair? 

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