Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nobody Walks in LA

I went to Los Angeles on my day off last week. Usually this sort of trip involves an hour-long car ride, a white-knuckle drive to find parking, an exhorbitant amount of money paid to park somewhere, and the worry in the back of my mind that I'll return to my car to find, um, no car. So it's not always the most relaxing day for me. But this time, James and I took the train to Union Station and hopped on the Metro to Civic Center, Little Tokyo, and even Pasadena. Infinitely more relaxing, and we did so much more than we normally would do! Just take a look...

Union Station
Sculpture outside the MOCA

Angel's Flight

A riot of color on Alvera Street

Color color and more color


Wishing Tree in Little Tokyo

Chop Suey

Relaxing Lunch at the Norton Simon

Leaving Los Angeles
 Next time we go we're going to try to get to LACMA and MOCA. Both are closed (closed!) on Wednesdays. Also, since wandering through Little Tokyo, I have a wicked craving for good Japanese food so I may have to insist we eat there.

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