Friday, April 25, 2014

Hey guys, remember when...?

Hey, remember when I told you that I'd applied for Patchwork and I was really nervous about it? I got the notification - I GOT IN!!! Hooray!!!

I'm as excited as this little girl is about her book!
So now I'm making things like crazy, because the show is one month away. Oh Emm Gee.

Long Beach - May 25 - Marine Stadium - Appian Way @ Bayshore - 11a-5p
For those not in the know, #PatchworkShow is a twice-a-year juried craft show / festival that showcases local artists, artisans, food gurus, and all sorts of other wonderful things. You name it, it's probably there: jewelry (LOTS of jewelry), clothing, guitar straps, handmade soaps, food trucks, music, tiny terrariums, ephemera, art, bicycle vallets...the list goes on and on. Right now they have 3 locations every spring and winter, and I'll be showing this year at Long Beach. So excited and nervous!

Tiny Lace Earrings
So, what's involved? Well, I need to come up with enough jewelry to fill a booth space, and then I need to design a booth, which means my brain is working overtime and many an evening has been spent on Pinterest searching for booth ideas. (Which are plentiful and all make my head spin with how awesome they are.) I'm also spending a fair amount of time worrying that I'm not cool enough to do this, and all these BuzzFeed surveys that keep popping up in my news feed on Facebook are not helping - apparently I am so far from being a hipster that I don't even know what the word means, and also my true age is supposedly 41.

A very depressing movie, even more so now that BuzzFeed tells me that I skipped my 30's completely.
But in all seriousness, I'm really excited and I really hope that this ends up being a good thing. If nothing else, it will force my shy little self to get out of her shell a bit and grab some confidence!

So don't forget! May 25th (it's a Sunday!) from 11a - 5p at the Long Beach Marine Stadium, Appian Way at Bayshore (don't ask me anything more specific, when an acquaintance asked me where it was the other day all I could come up with was "Long Beach...near some water..."). Stop by and say hi!

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