Monday, April 14, 2014

Cannoli: Yay or Nay?

Just past San Onofre
Sometimes, it's just nice to get away, even if it's only for an evening. We're lucky in southern California - we've got just about everything you could imagine within a couple of hours' drive. So Saturday after work, James picked me up and we drove down to San Diego to spend the remainder of the weekend in Little Italy and exploring Balboa Park.

Little Italy
We strolled down India Street in search of a restaurant, and oh my goodness, were we ever spoiled for choice. It was almost like it didn't matter where we chose to eat, because wherever we ended up would be fabulous! We chose La Villa and weren't disappointed. Wine. Rustic, handmade pasta. Chocolate mousse dessert with salted hazelnuts and praline. YUM. Afterwards, we had coffee at Caffe Italia (and I had a cannoli - yep, two desserts).

So, I have a question...what am I missing with cannoli? Am I just having really bad ones? Because every one that I've eaten tastes stale and slightly...odd. I keep ordering them because I want to believe that there are better ones out there, but maybe I'm wrong?

There was a man who squatted near her foot and took a photo looking up her dress. Total photobomb.
Sunday was spent walking from our hotel in Little Italy to the waterfront to see The Star of India and the USS Midway (we also saw a dolphin playing in the water!), and then walking to Balboa Park to the Air and Space Museum. I had two desserts and a giant breakfast with a mimosa to work off, after all!


Balboa Park



Sunken Garden

Flower-filled Fountain


Spring Flowers
Probably the best part of the weekend for James. I made him pose with this Spitfire, since he's built multiple models of them since Christmas.
All in all, we spent about 7 hours walking. My feet may fall off.

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