Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is it Time For Cake Yet?

It's getting to be a super busy time in our lives right now, and our apartment is suffering for it. James and I both have big art projects on the go, and we end up sharing the dining room table - he frames on it in the morning, I cut fabric and sew on it in the evenings. And in the meantime, we have piles of fabric, sketchbooks, matboards, laundry and dirty dishes stacked everywhere. (The dishes aren't really our fault - our apartment had no hot water over the weekend and we're still not caught up once it was turned back on.)

Here's what we got up to before life got so hectic:

Enjoying a beautiful southern California day

Saw a fabric exhibition at The Muckenthaler in Fullerton - don't you love the Spanish tiles?

Succulents at The Muck
Time out in the garden

Our sweetpeas are growing

The first of the ranunculus at Trader Joe's

There was a huge sale at Art Supply Warehouse. So huge that the lines extended allllll the way back into the asiles. This is where I waited for over half an hour, suck next to the Fimo.

The cash registers are now in sight

At home with linolium blocks, acrylic paint in Raw Umber, a new paintbrush, a brayer, a baren, and a photo portfolio book
 Coming up, I've got this art project to finish, photos to go out and take, a choir concert to sing in, Easter music to be mastering, the day-to-day of work, laundry, dishes, food etc, a wedding to attend, and then it will be the end of April and my husband's parents will be arriving from London just in time for his 30th! I need a slice of cake just thinking about it all.

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