Sunday, March 4, 2012

Am I Showing My Age?

It's been a week of R&R. Sometimes it's just the best thing in the world to take a step back and say, "You know...I need a break." And that's okay.

Look! Spring Crabapple! Southern California really does have changing seasons!
I've been a little obsessed with this jigsaw puzzle lately. Also, my mom & dad gave me this rad teapot and I've been enjoying my tea out of it this week.

This is Country Roads, my favorite antique store in the Orange Circle. I especially like the displays of white vintage-y goodness.

I painted my toenails a happy coral/tangerine color, which goes perfectly with my new favorite dress. Sorry to those of you who think feet are gross. Hopefully you won't think mine are.
  My lovely friends and my lovely husband took me out for a belated b-day outing. We went to the Holiday Skate Center, the roller skating rink that I've gone to since I was in elementary school. It was great to go back and see what's changed and what's different. It was slightly disturbing seeing children getting all excited for "I'm Sexy and I Know It" and Ke$ha - what ever happend to the good old days of Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul? (Am I showing my age?)

Alas, the multiple disco balls are gone...
Also what was quite disturbing was that there was a couple who thought it would be a great idea to take their stroller with a very tiny baby in it out onto the floor of the roller rink. And no one made them exit the floor. Am I the only one that thinks it's a miracle that nothing happened? (Am I showing my age again?) 
More fun across the street at Jimmy Bones

The ladies room was my favorite part of Jimmy Bones
 Okay, if you go into a sports bar with your friends and get told by some sweaty drunk men to turn around and give them a little curtsey and you spend the first part of the night huddled in a corner protected by your male friends, you don't really expect to find an amazingly hilarious ladies room in the joint. However, this was fantasticly tacky, wallpapered with headshots of the Thunder from Down Under. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.

And that's just the kind of girl I am.

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