Thursday, January 5, 2012

Late Decorations

Personally, I love decorating for the holidays. I love the rich colors, the glitter of lights and baubles, and how it's probably the one time every year that it's acceptable to display sequined anything. In fact, I love our sequined garlands so much that I may just leave them up all year. What?

Outdoor Lights

Jar of Glitter-Baubles

Wooden German Tree, Glitter Tree
Indoor Lights - these are left up year-round

Wooden Tree from Germany - best gift ever!

Our Tree

Flamboyant Nutcrackers

Sequin Garland

Our Charlie Brown Tree
I know technically it's January and the time to post things relating to the holidays is past, but I had a hectic December and the last thing I wanted to do at the end of my day was blog. Sorry. Besides I only just tried getting the pictures off my cameraphone for the first time and was pleased to discover that I can do it! (I've come extremely late to the SmartPhone party.) Also, I'm sick and this makes me feel better.

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